Young at Heart

    Chorus  When friends get older but you do not
            You see the world in a different light
            New friends come and old friends go
            You look at yourself and know it can't be right
       (1)  Born when the world was young
            And living 'till eternity
            Giving what you've got to give
            You wonder why the world can't see
       (2)  Living a recurring life
            You get younger when you should get old
            You've seen all there is to see
            And they wonder why you are so bold
       (3)  Experience of one so old
            In the body of one so young
            You look at the world now
            And wonder why your song is not sung
       (4)  Magic keeps you young
            But magic is a two edged sword
            You must take the bad with the good
            And you knew this when you spoke the words
       (5)  You give your friends your love
            And they take you for what you seem
            But when they know the awful truth
            They leave you then as in a dream
       (6)  You have the secret of eternal youth
            But what good has it been to you
            When you cannot find what you most desire
            Someone to share eternity with you.

A Knight Out Of Time

       (1)  He was a bold and courageous knight
            He came from far and long ago
            He travelled time from long before
            This civilisation came to the fro
            He came from a time when magic ruled
            To a now where technology reigns
            He tries his craft in a modern world
            Though his tries are all in vain
       (2)  He looks at our world and knows the truth
            He sees the trouble and strife
            And the problems that we all share
            With a culture that's formed our life
            He thinks of his world of crystalline structures
            Formed by the magic of long dead gods
            He mourns for his long lost land
            That was ruled by the staff and the rod
       (3)  If we could see through his eyes
            We would see a world gone sour
            We would see a world where money
            Is worth more than this life of ours
            He was trained in battle to kill his foe
            With staff and rod and power
            But long ago his gods had died
            And never again his land will flower
       (4)  His powers had brought him fortune
            He was famous throughout the land
            Thus he was chosen to journey
            To the future through timeless sand
            They said his return was certain
            But they did not tell the truth
            For they knew that there was a problem
            But they could not face the truth

       (5)  With their craft they had seen their fall
            They had thought they would always be
            But now they had seen a catastrophe
            They were to be swallowed by the sea
            He now lives his life as best he can
            But he finds that he can't fit in
            To a world where technology reigns
            and magic is taken for sin

The Call

       (1)  The world we knew is gone
            And we must start anew
            There used to be so many
            But now there are so few
            Survivors live as best they can
            But, in numbers, safety lies
            We now must live in fear
            And who will hear our cries
       (2)  Civilisation is what we had
            But too many died that day
            A broken world the cost
            And no-one there to pay
            Many leaders ruled the world
            For gold they lost it all
            Now we need a leader
            Who will hear the call
       (3)  The task is not an easy one
            To heal the stricken land
            Where to find a saviour
            To take us by the hand
            He was born the son of man
            His father was his son
            When the people see him
            They know he is the one
       (4)  The cry goes up for him
            To heal the stricken land
            To bring back law and order
            And take the world in hand
            He cannot deny his duty
            He's known it all his life
            He knows it is his destiny
            To rid the world of strife
       (5)  One against so many
            The odds are not with him
            But he has the power
            And so his work begins
            He looks around him casually
            And sees a desperate crowd
            Who call for him to lead them
            They call him clear and loud

Beginning of the End

       (1)  He seemed to come from nowhere
            He came to save the world
            He lives his life for freedom
            His flag has been unfurled
            He called everyone around him
            To ask if they were skilled
            "You must share your craft with others
            Too many have been killed"
       (2)  The people saw his wisdom
            In answer to his call
            They made a circle round him
            And offered him their all
            He quickly sorted through them
            To get the best he could
            He had to find a teacher
            Was determined that he would
       (3)  The people listened to his voice
            They could not turn away
            He told them they must work as one
            To build for a better day
            He found his teacher and set him up
            With work to see him through
            "We must build a better world"
            He told them what to do
       (4)  "Soon I'll leave" he told them all
            To spread the word around
            That we can work together
            And make this world sound
            They did not want to let him go
            They said they needed him
            But he'd done his best for them
            His journey must soon begin
       (5)  He knew he had to travel far
            And repeat what he had done
            In this small place he'd made a start
            But his work had just begun
            "This is just the beginning
            The beginning of the end
            You know that we've done well here
            But we have a world to mend"

The Journey

       (1)  They did not want to let him go
            To journey there alone
            Many wished to go with him
            To leave their only home
            He could not let them go with him
            Although they wished it so
            His journey was a dangerous one
            And only he could go
       (2)  He left at dawn and travelled south
            He need not fear at all
            For he possessed some special powers
            He would not take a fall
            The road was long and cracked and worn
            And so he crossed the land
            He came across some travelling folk
            A rugged bandit band
       (3)  He watched them closely from a hill
            The sun was at his rear
            With arms outstretched he summoned power
            Then approached them without fear
            A lookout was the first to see
            Him coming down the hill
            Very soon the whole band was out
            Looking for a kill
       (4)  He stood his ground, he did not move
            He stood where they could see
            For when they gazed upon his form
            They thought, "that could be me"
            And so no-one would harm this man
            Although they knew him not
            They called him down into their camp
            And shared, with him, their pot
       (5)  He talked with them and made them see
            That they could work with others
            To make the world a better place
            That all mankind were brothers
            As he talked he used his voice
            Another power therein
            "And so" he thought into himself
            "My life's work thus begins"

The Wanderer

              Chorus  Over land and over sea
                      He travels on and on
                      Born to move around the world
                      He is the wanderer

                 (1)  There is nowhere that he calls home    
                      No country to call his own             
                      He moves around from place to place    
                      At one with the human race             
                      He looks so young but he is old        
                      Five thousand years, if truth be told   
                      He has not aged since he matured       
                      And all his ills are quickly cured     
                 (2)  Over many years he learned to cope     
                      With immortal life and lack of hope    
                      He could not live a normal life        
                      He'd survived both trouble and strife  
                      Strong and rugged he became            
                      No-one remained who knew his name      
                      But he had lived in every land         
                      With every language at his command     
                 (3)  No-one knew of the secret power
                      That he'd learned in a distant tower
                      Or of the magic he possessed
                      Obtained when he'd passed the test
                      The energy that flowed in life
                      He could tap without a knife
                      To sustain him and make him strong
                      Or to use if things went wrong
                 (4)  He travelled far in search of lore        
                      He'd learned much but yearned for more    
                      He knew the signs that nature gave        
                      He was always cautious but never brave    
                      He knew the plants and the land           
                      The signs were always there at hand       
                      He watched the animals and the sky        
                      What they foretold would never lie        
                 (5)  And so he wanders far and wide            
                      He needs no-one for a guide               
                      He knows the world, seen it all           
                      He knows every river and waterfall        
                      He's known many ages of the world         
                      And many secrets he has unfurled          
                      He wanders on, he cannot die              
                      He's the wanderer and that's no lie       

The Link

              Chorus  There is a link between the worlds
                      A link that magic made
                      A link to the world of Sanctuary
                      A link that will not fade
                 (1)  Long ago when the earth was young
                      The world was a happy place
                      Where magic was practised every day
                      And life had a steady pace
                      Magic was valued in this world
                      And used to benefit all
                      There were many sentient being then
                      Humans the least of all
                 (2)  Man could benefit from others magic
                      But could not make his own
                      He reproduced so very fast
                      His numbers ever growing
                      Envy made Man turn against
                      Others not like him
                      He persecuted all magicians
                      The slaughter did begin
                 (3)  They could fight Man, but could not win
                      Their children they were few
                      So they found a parallel world
                      No humans there, they knew
                      They created the link to Sanctuary
                      Of magic it was made
                      The link was tested, it was good
                      Now formed, would never fade
                 (4)  They spread the word around the world
                      Come to Sanctuary
                      And so they came from far and wide
                      Over land and sea
                      The exodus was over soon
                      Smooth and with no pain
                      But the link was created here
                      And to close it, none remain
                 (5)  And so the link remains in place
                      Made of magic, strong
                      You would not know that it was there
                      Until something goes wrong
                      If you need to escape this world
                      The link will let you through
                      The link will always be there
                      May the power go with you

Ring of Gold

    Chorus  Once there was a ring of gold
            A magic ring of gold
            A golden magic ring of power
            A ring of golden power
       (1)  Two ways the golden ring had power
            Small magics it did hold
            And it acted as a focus
            For power outwith the gold
            Constant protection it gave to those
            Who wore the golden ring
            And to know the motives of others
            If malice they did bring
       (2)  Imagination was the key
            To make the magic spell
            Faith was the only trigger
            To make it work as well
            Every time the ring was used
            It lost a little gold
            Its power was strong when it was new
            Weak when it was old
       (3)  The wearer must be cautious
            And plan his spell with care
            Because the magic power
            Could strip this world bare
            It's best to look for wisdom
            And health and happiness
            Than to wish yourself a fortune
            And end up in a mess
       (4)  And so when used the ring it aged
            Most of its gold it lost
            And as it slowly faded away
            Its power died at last
            The ring of golden power is gone
            Its magic all used up
            But have you heard of the magic power
            In the magic golden cup

Between the Worlds

            Between the worlds there is a place
            You could not call a land
            But there is ample power there
            And energy at hand
            This energy it fills the void
            Like air around the Earth
            Man could never venture there
            To do so, certain death
            But the energy between the worlds
            Is there for us to share
            For we can tap into this power
            If we take a little care
            There are few who have the skill
            This vitality to take
            But those who can, take strength from it
            Only they partake
            To get some power from the void
            Your mind must open wide
            And stretch your thoughts between the worlds
            Where other thoughts reside
            The void is there between the worlds
            Worlds where life abounds
            And so a contact can be made
            When alien thoughts are found
            It now seems that many worlds
            Tap power from the void
            Where it came from no-one knows
            But its power is employed

Voice in the Void

       (1)  The void was not an hospitable place
            Few minds could travel there
            But over years many learned the way
            To visit there with care
            Mind travel became very popular
            It made you feel so good
            They tried to visit in small groups 
            And soon found out they could
       (2)  A group of travellers in the void
            All heard an alien voice
            They seemed to hear it in their minds
            No-one had a choice
            There was nothing in the voice
            That they could recognise
            To return a message in their language
            All, as one, they tried
       (3)  Soon the voice returned to them
            And seemed to say "beware"
            Together they sent a simple thought
            "Who? why? where?"
            They heard the voice return again
            More like a wail this time
            They had the distinct impression
            Of a disembodied mind
       (4)  Words they could no longer use
            They broadcast feelings instead
            Too long the voice had stayed in the void
            They realised with dread
            This voice was trapped within the void
            Would never be returning
            Beware dependence on the power of void
            They'd had a stern warning

The Hunter

       (1)  He seemed so small and weak and slow
            And feeble looking too
            But he was lithe and supple
            If not as strong as you
            Although he looked so very thin
            It was only fat he lacked
            Hard to believe he was The Hunter
            But that's a fact
       (2)  The Hunter he was notorious
            He hunted human prey
            Criminals wanted 'dead or alive'
            He got them his own way
            Because of his terrible reputation
            He filled them all with dread
            He'd never failed, he got them all
            He brought them all in dead
       (3)  He had a powerful amulet
            Around his neck it hung
            And when he pressed it to his heart
            He became tall and broad and strong
            A large two-handed sword he wielded
            In one of his large hands
            In the other an enormous metal shield
            The heaviest in the land
       (4)  Magic power caused his transformation
            Into a powerful man
            It gave him such a speed and strength
            That no-one could withstand
            In a fight no ten could match him
            Such a powerful force
            And so he always collected his bounty
            By bringing in the corpse

Centre of the Universe

            In the Alberon system there are seven worlds
            To rule the known universe
            Planets were allowed to rule themselves
            Until that law was reversed
            The seven worlds are covered in structures
            Above and below the ground
            The specific functions allotted to each
            Have proven to be sound
            Seven worlds about the size of Earth
            Give or take a mile
            Each populated with indigenous life forms
            For comfort and style
            All the systems are linked together
            So they always know
            Each other system's business; and
            To maintain the law
            Technology and magic now
            Working hand in hand
            Interstellar communication
            Contact mind to mind
            Resources are strictly controlled
            By the government
            Commerce between the planets
            Wherever they are sent
            Interstellar travel in
            The twinkling of an eye
            They travel fast as thought now
            They have no need to fly
            Many different galaxies are involved
            In the government of all
            Education in early life is by
            Implantation in Central Hall
            New planets are explored discretely
            Whenever they are found
            Their cultures studied for centuries
            Earlier mistakes abound
            Disease is almost eradicated
            In the universe
            Planets quarantined for millennia
            Until they pass the test
            The government fights a foe
            A foe called 'decadence'
            Against this foe they'll surely lose
            They have no real defence

Summer Solstice

       (1)  They came for different reasons               
            To a safe secluded spot                       
            Away from the noise of the city               
            To the stone in the land that they sought     
       (2)  Through willow wood they walked in file       
            Along an ancient trail                         
            And came at last to the waters edge           
            To gaze upon the dale                         
       (3)  The sun was high, the waters calm             
            The grass was lush and green                  
            Without a wind, the sky was blue              
            And not a cloud was seen                      
       (4)  To the north there was a range of hills       
            To the west a forest grew                     
            To the east the land was marsh                
            In the sky a curlew flew                      
       (5)  The camps were set upon the shore          
            And there the fires were made               
            With willow dead and dry                   
            They lighted up the glade                    
       (6)  The sounds of music drifted over           
            The water to the farther shore              
            And there the words and laughter           
            Were heard both sharp and clear            
       (7)  Very late the sun dropped down                        
            Below the distant hills                               
            And soon the fire was fuelled                         
            To take away the chills                               
       (8)  With wine in hand and bread in mouth                
            They spent the darkness hours                    
            They watched the bats fly in the sky                
            Snatching insects from the shores                   
       (9)  The dawn came up more slowly                           
            Behind a misty shroud                            
            The sun, when high, was hidden                      
            Behind a veil of cloud                            
      (10)  The time had come, the magic gone                    
            But few had seen it pass                            
            All they'd seen or heard or felt                     
            Was a wind among the grass                         
      (11)  Only two had felt the power                         
            Only two had heard the cry                        
            Only they had seen the way                          
            To live and never die                             
      (12)  The land was full of life by then
            In the water fishes leapt
            To catch a fly for breakfast   
            While the travellers slept       
      (13)  Their food was gone, they'd eaten well  
            All through the shortest night 
            A year from now they will return  
            And this time do it right                         


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