Chorus Foula, Foula, the island of my dreams
Foula, Foula, nothing's as it seems
Foula, Foula, land of birds and sheep
Foula, Foula, I see you when I sleep
(1) An island at the edge of the world
A rugged, splendid land
With life and love and magic
Always near at hand
(2) The wind and sea are strong and wild
The cliffs are sheer and high
You see the seabirds fishing
Hear the curlew's cry
(3) The mist rolls down over Soberlie
The land at once is grey
Peat bogs are waiting for you
If you go astray
(4) A tystie flies over Boulder Beach
It flies on out to sea
To catch unwary sandeels
May it always be
(5) The male shag sits and croaks at you
The female only hissed
The allen hit your head
Be glad the bonxie missed
(6) One day I will return to you
Island of my dreams
Because you hold the magic
Know what loving means

Spirit of the Land

Chorus 1 Within the land there is a power
Spirit of the land
Within the land the magic sits
Spirit of the land
(1) Hear the voice upon the wind
Feel the power blow
See the shadows in the mist
Wish before you go
Chorus 2 The spirit of the land is calling
Spirit of the land
The power sits within the land
Spirit of the land
(2) Feel that shiver up your spine
Magic is on you
With open heart and open mind
You know what to do
Chorus 3 The power of life is there for you
Spirit of the land
The spirit of the land is strong
Spirit of the land
(3) See the force as the water falls
Breathing in the power
The smell of magic in the air
Pungent violet flower
Chorus 4 Both love and hate are in the land
Spirit of the land
Life is richer when you know
Spirit of the land
Chorus 1 Within the land there is a power
Spirit of the land
Within the land the magic sits
Spirit of the land

Rolling Down the Coast

Chorus Rolling down the coast, looking at the seabirds
Rolling down the coast, the team are looking good
Rolling down the coast, keeping a sharp lookout
Rolling down the coast, doing what we should
(1) The hill at the 'Ha
Will get you every time
And then when you get there
The birds are looking fine
(2) Heading south around the coast
Gerry sees a chick
A chick with two mother's
That's quite a trick
(3) Julie sees a tystie
Sitting on a rock
Kenny sees another two
Smart alec guide
(4) Phyllis gets her eye in
She sees the eiders go
That female is a male
"Well whadda ya know"
(5) Lunch time we're at Ham Voe
Joan sees a diver fish
The stories of our young days
Be careful what you wish
(6) At Hedli Cliff we're almost there
Gloria continues on
She's looked for seals and seabirds
One look and then we're gone
(7) And so at last we reach the Noop
The team is tired out
Through the Daal and up the road
And then we sing and shout

The Ridge

Chorus Up and up and up we went
Up across the ridge
Up and up and up we went
Keeping to the edge
(1) The team of seven climbed the hill
To the very top
Posing for Susan's camera
At every possible stop
(2) We reached the top of Hamnafield
There we had a rest
Looking over windswept land
The sea to east and west
(3) Tube in hand we looked for pellets
With an eagle eye
Open them to find the treasure
Frank's triumphant cry
(4) Lunch time found us on the Sneug
At thirteen hundred feet
What a busy place this is
Lots of folk we meet
(5) During lunch the mist rolled in
We could hardly see
Ringing bonxies on the hill
What a place to be
(6) In the mist we lost our way
From the sea-cliff top
Puffins and fulmars flying there
Marjo said "lets stop"
(7) Home at last we trudged to Ristie
A hungry, ragged band
But dinner wasn't started yet
So Betsy lent a hand

Peerie Trow

Chorus Magic trow, peerie trow
Hidden in the land
Magic trow, peerie trow
Take me by the hand
(1) The peerie people of the land
The trows to you and me
We often see their mischief
But them we seldom see
(2) There is a trow who writes on hills
His writing you can see
He uses stones and boulders
He writes for you and me
(3) There is a trow that children see
And music he does play
They're in his house for hours
But they're away for days
(4) There are some trows who topple stacks
Push peats down from the bank
How can they get their pleasure
Where do they get their thanks
(5) There are some trows who do good deeds
Watch the land as you're asleep
They take good care of all you own
When danger calls they protect the sheep
"Peerie Trow" was written by Kenny Ensor and Amy Ratter


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