Books by Kenny Ensor

This is My World

This does not claim to be a definitive work but it does contain an insight into how I view the world. It should be considered only an introduction to spiritual matters. I have purposely not attempted to supply all of the answers or take any subject too deep. In this way I have managed to keep the book relatively short and still cover many topics.

Manual for Advancing Souls

The information and techniques presented here will help those on a spiritual path. People of different levels of spiritual sensitivity / advancement will also find useful information. The topics covered include, angels, spiritual healing, spiritual guides, reincarnation, meditation and techniques for spiritual growth and self understanding.

Song Lyrics

These lyrics were written by Kenny Ensor in the early 1990s. If you would like to put music to any of these lyrics you may do so but I would be grateful to hear the result. Credit for writing them would also be appreciated. Also remember that ownership of these lyrics remains mine and many people may put different music to the same lyrics.